Public Relations Counsel
JPR is a consulting agency, not an ordinary run-of-the-mill public relations operation plugging everything into an off-the-shelf formula. If you're looking for an agency to be an echo chamber and full of "yes men" (and women) then look somewhere else. While our tactical implementation of a PR program is unmatched, the strategic consulting component is at the heart of what we do. JPR will help massage your messaging so that it's optimized and positions your company and products correctly for your target audiences. A key part of this messaging analysis and development is monitoring competitors and then crafting the client's message to take full advantage of market opportunities. The end objective is to transform influencers into advocates and customers into evangelists.
Editorial Services
Cutting through all the noise to get your story heard by the right audience is an art that JPR has mastered. We know the right people and how to get to them. In fact, many of them contact us on a regular basis. Because of great client synergy we are able go beyond simple news releases and pitch trend stories that involve multiple clients, making JPR a one-stop source for the editorial community. Beyond that JPR knows what makes a story work and how to present it so that it meets the needs of specific editors and publications. We can spot a story that clients often overlook, such as unique customer profile, a company or industry milestone or just putting an innovative spin on an otherwise mundane topic.
Product Launches
Our approach is to create specific goal- and phase-oriented programs. We combine carefully planned strategies with time-proven methodologies. We know what works and how to apply winning communications tools to your message to deliver it across the most vital traditional and social platforms for maximum effectiveness. JPR provides the best value for your communications dollars with a reliable methodology for repurposing marketing content – written, audio and video – across multiple online, social and publishing platforms. Our product launches utilize a multi-phase approach to ensure that your message is polished and memorable and that it resonates with potential customers, encouraging them to contact you, generating more leads for your sales funnel. The launch message is tested with a select audience of influencers, then feedback is analyzed and incorporated into the final launch package of messaging and content. This proven methodology guarantees that your product, service or company is introduced to the market and exposed to buyers in a compelling, distinctive way that generates maximum impact.
Content as a Service
CaaS is JPR's proprietary approach to content marketing. Implementing a CaaS program ensures maximum impact for your marketing budget by taking content once it's created and repurposing it across multiple platforms. News releases, articles and customer case studies are reimagined as blog posts and topics for podcasts. Original podcasts and videos are transcribed and used as blog posts. Any new content triggers a Tweet on Twitter, a status update on LinkedIn and update post on Facebook. With CaaS, all content is interrelated to ensure the consistency of your marketing message and maximum exposure to your targeted audience. JPR's CaaS encompasses a broad range of public relations and marketing content, including press releases, customer case studies, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, videos, blogs, white papers, technology trends articles, opinion pieces, product tutorials, webinar production and more.
Social Media Management
JPR is actively engaged across social media platforms, leveraging these outlets to distribute client content, monitor competitors and direct the social media conversation. JPR can help you develop your social media marketing program as well as provide the analytics to measure the success of your program.
Taking advantage of the talent of our experienced writing team, JPR can create a broad range of public relations and marketing content, including press releases, customer case studies, white papers, technology trends articles, opinion pieces, product tutorilas, blogs, infographics and more.
JPR Global
JPR is ready and able to support a client's global communications needs. Through a worldwide network of affiliate agencies and our proprietary content distribution system to international news outlets, JPR ensures that global exposure of your message can be an integral and productive piece of any PR program.