Why JPR Communications?
For some very good reasons. JPR not only has the experience to know the markets, the issues and the influencers, but the demonstrated expertise to develop and implement highly effective communications programs to ensure that your message is delivered across multiple offline and online platforms to reach your precisely targeted audience.
JPR Communications specializes in high-tech accounts
We understand technology, the market, the issues, the publications, and the users. As a result of this specialization, we believe we have the strongest relationships with the editors and analysts you need to reach. Our in-house writing capabilities are unsurpassed and our client articles are published consistently in the most important publications.
You will always work with a principal of the agency
Working with JPR means you will not have to go through an extensive learning-curve delay (we "hit the ground running") due to inexperience. You don't have to waste your valuable time educating inexperienced account executives. We understand the markets and craft your message to meet the specific needs of your targeted outlets.
We never use an off-the-shelf approach to public relations
Our approach is to create specific goal- and phase-oriented programs. We combine carefully planned strategies with time-proven methodologies. We know what works and how to apply winning communications tools to your message to deliver it across the most vital traditional and social platforms for maximum effectiveness.
Editors know to call JPR first
Trends are created by industry gurus, editors, industry analysts and online commentators who carry the clout to influence buying decisions. JPR has tight relationships with these influencers and knows the process to seed them your new product and technology that translates into the next best thing. And, having editorial calendars in place further ensures inclusion of our clients in articles pertaining to their business.
The Power of Synergy
JPR clients are technology focused, generating significant synergy and translating into direct benefits. With a single phone call to JPR, influential editors can obtain nearly all of the information they need and get multiple company perspectives on a technology. In addition, Many JPR clients have teamed up for strategic partnerships, bundled products, and done joint sales calls. Because JPR understands that our clients often face similar channel and customer challenges, have complementary business and marketing strategies, and may share common competitors, we are privileged to help broker relationships between our clients when appropriate.

Experience Pays Off
  • Specializing in technology accounts
  • Close working relationships with editors
  • Close working relationships with analysts
  • In-house writing capabilities
  • Top-tier freelance writers who know technology
  • Knowledge of the technology market

Creating New Challenges
  • Tactical planning in 4 to 6 month increments:
  • Develop plan to accomplish realistic goals for the time period
  • Upon successful completion, new program put into effect

  • With fewer publications, less editorial space, creativity is a must, and we pride ourselves in the many exciting and creative corporate and product launches we've done on behalf of our clients.

Formulating Successful Strategies
  • Editorial Understanding
  • Custom Client Programs
  • Complete Marketing Services
  • Instant Communications and Response
  • Measurable Results!

Social Media
  • Create Buzz
  • Create Converstation
  • Establish direct channels of two-way communication with vital stakeholders and influencers
  • Monitor and participate in the conversation regarding your brand's digital presence
  • Improve visibility and interest to your company's messaging
  • Encourage the sharing of content between users in your market